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作文一:《高考应用文范文——通知 便条 》3700字

  1.口头通知常用称呼语,如:    2.Wei了提醒注意,口头通知开头常用下列提示语:  3.Kou头通知发布完毕,通常用结束语,如:  _______________________________________________________________________________ Ladies and Gentlemen,  May I have you attention please?  Zheng文  Thank you ( for listening) !  ______________________________________________________________________________  Li1假如你是班长,根据下面的内容和提Shi,写一篇100左右的口头通知,以便向同学们宣Bu。  事由:欢迎澳大利亚学生来校Can观。  参观时间:6月15日上午9:00-12:00.  Can观人数:约60人。  活动安排:1. 8:30Zai校门口。  2. 9:00带客人到会Yi室开联欢会。  3. 领客人参观Zhi物园、校办工厂。  4. 11:00Zai操场进行篮球比赛。  5. 客人12:00Li校。  注意事项:1. 对客人要友好。  2. Yao用英语交谈。  Boys and girls,  May I have your attention, please? About sixty Australian students will come to visit our school on June 15. We’ll meet them at the school gate at 8:30. We’ll take them to the meeting-room, where a get-together will be held. After that, we’ll show them around our botanical garden and the school-ru n factory. At11:00 there will be a basketball match on the playground. They’ll leave our school at 12:00.  Please be friendly to them. We must talk with them in English.  That’s all. Thank you.  1.Shu面通知正文上面正中,往往用NOTICE一词。  2.Zheng文表述可采用叙述形式。也可以用广告形Shi突出某个部分(如主题、人物、时间、地Dian)。文字力求简明扼要。  3.通知发布日Qi一般写在正文的左下角(在落款的下一行)或右Shang角(在notice的下一行)。  4.Fa布通知的主事部门或主事人。一般写在正文后的You下角,也可写在NOTICE的正上方。_______________________________________________________________________________  NOTICE  In celebration of May Day , there will be ---  Zheng文  School Office  April 25 , 2000  _______________________________________________________________________________  Li2书面通知。请根据提示写一份通知。  (1) Gao二(5)在本周五晚上要开个英语晚会。  (2) Wan饭后6:30在教室集合,晚会7:00开始。  (3) Mei个同学都要表演一个节目,内容不限。  (4) Huan迎老师和全班同学参加。  (5) 出通Zhi的时间是2005年3月15日。  NOTICE  An English evening party will be held on Friday Evening. Every one of our class is requested to be in the classroom at 6:30 after supper. The party will begin at 7:00 P.M. Each of the students should perform during the evening party. You may tell a story, sing a song, make a speech or read a poem and so on. All the teachers and students are welcome to attend our English evening. Everybody is expected to attend it on time.  Class 5, Grade Two March 15, 2005  San、假条留言条便条  例3假定你是李华,正Zai英国接受英语培训,住  在一户英国人Jia里。今天你的房东Mrs Wilson不在家,Ni准备外出,请给Mrs Wilson写一留言条,Nei容包括:  1.外出购物  2.Ti房东还书  3.Tracy来电话Liu言:1)咖啡屋(Bolton Coffee)Jian面取消  2)此事已告知Susan  3)Jin快回电  注意:1.词数100左右;  2.Ke以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。  Mrs Wilson,  I’m going out shopping, and won’t be back until about 5:00 pm. I have taken with me the two books you asked me to return to the City Library. At about I o’clock this afternoon, Tracy called, saying that she couldn’t meet you at Bolton Coffee tomorrow mo rning as she has something important to attend to. She felt very sorry about that, but said that you could set some other time for the meeting. She wanted you to call her back as soon as you are home. She has already told Susan about this change.  Li Hua

作文二:《北京高考应用文2014-2017汇总---通知类 》13800字

  通知类  (2014西城一模)  Jia如你是校学生会主席。新年即将到来,为了Bang助你校的外国留学生更好地了解中国文化,Xue生会将为他们举办一个新年晚会。请你根据以下提Shi,用英语向他们发出口头通知。  时间:Xia周五6:00 -- 8:00  地Dian:教学楼101室  内容:1.Chang中国歌  2.比赛用筷子  3.学Xi包饺子  Good afternoon, everyone.May I have your attention, please?  To help you have a better understanding of Chinese culture, the Students’Union will  organize a New Year’s party. You can sing Chinese songs, have a competition using  chopsticks and learn how to make dumplings. These are all typical Chinese activities, and  I believe you will have great fun. The party will be in Room 101, Classroom Building at 6  p.m. next Friday. It will last about two hours. Please come and join the fun!  Thank you for your attention.  (2014Feng台期末)  假设你是红星中学学生会主席李Hua,下周学校将举办“才艺大赛”。请你将以Xia信息通过广播通知国际部的学生。  Time: next Friday afternoon  Place: School Concert Hall  Talents: singing, dancing, painting, acting, playing an instrument…  Deadline for registration: 4 pm next Monday at the School Office  Attention all international students!  Possible version 1  Attention all international students! Our school will organize a talent show at the School  Concert Hall next Friday afternoon. We invite all of you to participate in the talent show.  The students‟ talents of singing, dancing, painting, acting, playing an instrument can be s  howcased during this talent show. All International students, who have an interest, are wel come. Please come to the School Office between now and next Monday to sign up. We ar  e looking forward to seeing the talents you present.  Thank you for listening.  Possible version 2  Attention all international students!I have an announcement to make. Our school will hol  d a talent show at th  e School Concert Hall next Friday afternoon. Anyone can attend i  f yo  u are good at singing, dancing, painting, acting, playing an instrument and so on. Please r  egister at the School Office before 4 pm next Monday if you‟d like to take part in. I belie  ve your participation can make the show a great success.  That‟s all. Thank you.  (2014Dong城期末)  你校将要组织美国交换Sheng参观中国美术馆(National Art Museum of China)。Qing你根据下面提供的信息,口头通知活动安排。通Zhi的开头已为你写好。字数不少于50。  Ji合时间和地点:周六早上8:30;学校门口  Jiao通方式:校车  活动内容:了解中Guo画家;欣赏著名画作  Hi! Everyone. Attention, please.  I‟d like to tell you something about the tour for the coming weekend. This Saturday morn ing, you are going to visit National Art Museum of China. You will be picked up at the sc  hool gate at 8:30. The school bus will take you there. The museum is one of the most pop  ular museums in China. You will learn something about the Chinese artists and appreciate some famous paintings. I‟m sure you will enjoy it.  (2015Hai淀一模)  假设你是校图书馆馆长的学Sheng助理李华,图书馆要进行网络系统升级,请在Yue览室向在场的留学生口头通知相关事宜,Bing请他们转告其他留学生。  1. Shi间:2015年5月1日至5月10日。  2. Zai此期间,关闭阅览室、暂停电子阅览。  3. Jin周二和周五可以借、还图书。  Hello everybody! May I have your attention, please? The library will soon be carrying out an update of the Internet system. I would like everybody to know that between the dates of 1st May and 10th May, the reading room will be closed and the e-reading system will be temporarily stopped. You will only be able to take out and return books on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please pass on this message to those who are not here today. Thank you all.  (2016Xi城期末)  第一节(15分)  作为Jiao换项目的一部分,学校将于本周五下午两点Zu织美国交换生到红星小学进行志愿者活动。假She你是校学生会主席,请向他们口头通知此Shi,内容包括:  1. 集合时间、地点;  2. Huo动内容(介绍美国文化、教英文歌等);  3. Huo动意义。  注意:1. 词数不少于50;  2. Kai头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。  One possible version:  May I have your attention, please?  This Friday you will visit Hong Xing Primary School as volunteers, which is a very important part of the exchange program. The school bus will pick you up at the school gate at 2 p.m. This trip aims to give the kids there a taste of American culture. You may prepare some mini lectures and teach the kids some simple but beautiful songs.  Through sharing your culture with them, you will know more about this country in return. We wish you all a good trip!  (2015Chao阳二模)  你校将组织外国留学生去北京欢Le谷(Beijing Happy Valley)You玩,请你根据下面提供的信息,口头通知活动An排和注意事项。  1. 集合时间和地点:Zhou六早上8:00;学校门口;  2. 交Tong工具:校车;  3. 提示:自Dai水和食物;最好穿运动鞋和休闲服。  Zhu意:1. 词数不少于50。  2. 可Shi当增加细节,以使行文连贯。  3. 开头He结尾已给出,不计入总词数。  Hello,everybody! May I have your attention, please?  A trip to Beijing Happy Valley is organized for you this Saturday. You will meet at the school gate at 8:00 in the morning. The school bus will take you there in less than an hour. Happy Valley is one of the most popular amusement parks in Beijing. You’ll experience a variety of entertainment activities there.  Do remember to take some water and food because they might be a little expensive inside Happy Valley. To make your journey more convenient and comfortable, you’d better wear sports shoes and casual clothes.  I’m sure you will have a good time.  That’s all! Thank you!  (2016Chao阳二模)  假设你是红星中学高三Xue生李华,请给你的美国同学Jeff写Yi封电子邮件,告知本周六学校将为留学生举Ban晚会。邮件的内容包括:  1.晚会的时间He地点;  2. 晚会的内容;  3. Yao请Jeff参加。  注意:1. 词数不Shao于50;  2. 开头和结尾已给出,Bu计入总词数。  Dear Jeff,I’m glad to tell you that our school will throw a party for the international students. The party will be held in the concert hall from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm this Saturday. There’ll be Chinese comedies, magic acts, and some Chinese folk songs and dances. I’m sur e you can get to know more about Chinese customs and culture there. Besides, there will be a free conversation session, which would be a good chance for you to meet people from around the world in an enjoyable environment.I hope you can come and have a good time. Best wishes,Li Hua  (2014Chao阳二模)  假设你是英语科代表,请根Ju以下提示,通知你班美国学生参加学校为交Huan生举办的一次讲座。  1. 时Jian:周三下午4点;  2. 地点:图Shu馆;  3. 内容:我校历史张老师讲授中Guo传统节日;  4. 提示:准时Dao场;做好记录; 欢迎  提问。注Yi:1. 词数不少于50;  2. 可适Dang增加细节,以使行文连贯;  3. 开头和Jie尾已给出,不计入总词数。  Boys and girls,  May I have your attention, please? I have something to tell you.  There will be a lecture in our library, at 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon. Our history teacher Mr. Zhang will be invited to talk about Chinese traditional festivals. I‟m sure you‟ll lear  n more about Chinese culture and customs. Please be present on time and you might take  a notebook and a pen with you. After the lecture, you are welcome to ask questions and I‟  m sure Mr. Zhang will be glad to communicate with you.  That’s all. Thank you.  (2015Hai淀期末)  你的英国朋友Tom 将来你家Gong度除夕,你打算当天下午去地铁站接他。请Ni用英文写一封电子邮件,告知他相关信息。Ni们全家都欢迎他  接他的时间和地点:2Yue18 日下午 4点,地铁四号线中关村站西Bei出口;晚上的主要安排:看春晚、包饺子、Fang鞭炮。  Dear Tom, How is it going?  My family and I are really looking forward to welcoming you to our home for the Spring Festival Eve. I think it best if I  meet you at the North-West exit of the Zhongguancun subway station, which is on Line 4,  at 4pm on the 18th, February. In the evening we will watch the CCTV New Year’s Gala,  make dumplings together and also set off some firecrackers! Cannot wait to enjoy the  New Year's Eve together!  Li Hua  Fan文2: Dear Tom,  I’m excited to hear that you will come to China to spend the Chinese New Year’s Eve. My family expects your arrival so much. And I am glad to tell you the arrangements during y  our visit in Beijing in advance.  I will meet you at 4 o’clock on the afternoon of February 18th. You can arrive at northwe  stern entrance of Zhongguancun Station of Subway Line 4. If you have some troubles in f  inding the right way, you can seek help from the subway staff or ring me up directly. After you arrive, we will have various traditional activities, such as watching the Spring Festiv  al Gala, making dumplings, and setting off firecrackers, all of which will drop you into a s trong atmosphere of festival. In addition, there are also a series of interesting games we ca n play together for entertainment. I am eager to see you and I hope you will enjoy the f  estival with my family.  Yours, Li Hua  (2015Feng台期末)  你校英语社团将要排演英语话剧Sound of Music,Xu要一些演员。请你根据以下提示,向国际部的学Sheng发出口头通知,内容包括:报名时间:本周五之前Bao名地点:教学楼221室报名条件:1.英Yu口语流利; 2.Xi爱话剧表演; 3.乐Yu与他人合作。  Good morning, everyone. May I have your attention, please? Here is an announcement f rom English Club. We need some actors and actresses for the English play  ic  looking for. Of course, fluency in spoken English is required.  Can't wait to join in it? Just come to Room 221 0f the teaching building by this Friday  and sign up!  Thanks for your attention.  (2017Chao阳期末)  假设你是红星中学高三(1)Ban的学生李华。你校将在寒假期间组织留学生Jing剧训练营。请给你班的美国交换生Jim写封邮Jian,告诉他相关信息。邮件的内容包括:  1. Jie绍训练营的相关安排(如时间、内容等);  2. Shuo明训练营的目的;  3. 表达希望Dui方参加的愿望。  注意:1. 词Shu不少于50;  2. 邮件的开头和Jie尾已给出,不计入总词数。  Dear Jim,  _______________________________________________________________________________ Yours,  Li Hua  One possible version:  Dear Jim,  I’m writing to tell you a piece of good news.  Our school will run a Peking Opera camp for foreign students this winter vacation. It will start from February 5th and last ten days. Some famous artists will offer basic courses in this national treasure, including singing, dialogues, movements as well as facial make-up. They want to present the idea that Peking Opera is not just an art, but a symbol of traditional Chinese culture.  I know you’re interested in Peking Opera, so I hope you’ll join the camp and have a good time there.  Yours,  Li Hua  Xie通知注意事项:  1.语言简练,不要写Duo余的话  2.时态  3.开头和结尾Xiang对固定的话  4.时间表达时的顺序和介Ci  5.地点表达时的顺序  6.Tiao理清楚  7.开头:Hi! Everyone. Attention, pleaseHuoMay I have your attention, please? I have an  announcement to make.  8.Jie尾:Thank you for your attention.  Chang用句型:  •(In order to … ) we will hold a ….  •Please sign up + Di点+ before +时间if you are interested in.  •Please join us and you will have a lot of fun!  •Sounds great? Please come and enjoy yourself!  •I believe your participation can make the show a great success.  1.Shi间表达时的顺序和介词  2.地点表Da时的顺序  3.条理清楚  4.The spring festival is around the corner so we will hold a party to celebrate it.  Xian说明主要事件  5.The party will be held in room 101 in the studying building and it will begin at 6:00 next  Friday.  Zai说具体时间、地点(由小到大)  6.时间:6:00 -- 8:00  Zheng确的写法:  start at 6:00 and end at 8:00  begin at 6:00 and last two hours  last two hours, from …to…  Ji累词组:  be around the corner  the Student Union  compete in doing sth  have a competition in doing sth  (2017Hai淀期末)  假设你是红星中学学生会主席李Hua。由于天气原因,你校原定于本周五举行的活动You所调整,请用英文口头通知留学生相关事宜。Nei容包括:  1. 公园5公里慢跑调整为Xiao内观看中国电影;  2. 电影名称,观Kan时间和地点;  3. 观看该电Ying的理由。  Dear all, may I have your attention please? I am Li Hua, president of the Student Union and I am here to tell you something important.  As you may have known from the weather report, there will be a heavy rain this Friday. Thus, the school has decided to show a movie then in place of the originally planned activity of 5km jogging in the park.  The movie we’ll see is American Dre ams in China. This movie will definitely help you know more about China as it is based on a real story that happened after the policy of Reform and Opening Up was introduced. How three ambitious young men built an English-tutoring empire clearly reflects C hina’s recent development. The attractive plot and outstanding performance won’t let you down and the theme will certainly give you some food for thought.  To better enjoy the movie, please arrive at the school auditorium at 1:50 p.m. The film starts at 2:00p.m. sharp and will last for two hours. Have fun and enjoy yourselves!  That’s all. Thank you.  Zhu:American Dreams in ChinaWei电影《中国合伙人》

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