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作文一:《英语作文:谁来养老 》8100字

  考研英语作文:谁来养老  写作Yuan文  As is depicted in the picture,a poor old man,rolling like a football,is kicked between(Gai为among,注意between和amongDe区别,between表示在两者之间,amongZe表示在三者或三者以上之间) his three sons and daughter(Gai为a daughter)。Unwilling to be responsible for their father ,the daughter and sons spare no effort to kick the old man as far as possible.We are irritated to see in the picture(Jian议放到句首或句末) the pathetic fact that these people go to any length to avoid surporting(Pin写错误,改为supporting) their parents. Unfortunately, what we have seen in the picture isn't a rare phenomenon. However,what factor it is that results in this situation? (Han语式英语,改为what is the cause of this situation?) For one thing, in my opinion, the decreased importance attached to the moral education contributes to the lack of ethnic conception,leadiing (Jian议改为定语从句,which leads)to the consequence that paople(Pin写错误,改为people) don 't esteem and(Gai为or,肯定句中用and,否定句中用or) value their parents . For another ,faced with the pressure of work and house installment ,young people can hardly make ends meet let alone taking good care of their old parents who is(Gai为are,定语从句的先行词为parents,Cong句中的谓语动词应用are) fragile to a sudden disease such as heart attack.There is no denying that further attention must be paid to the problem by the government .To handle this worsening situation,more money should be involed(Pin写错误,改为involved) in the pension to guarantee the daily life of old people. In addition, instead of merely focusing on the scores,schools ought to put more stress on moral education.(Jie尾较为仓促,可适当添加总结性的话语)  Kao研英语作文范文  As is vividly depicted in the cartoon, four children are playing a  The purpose of the drawing is to show us that due attention has to be paid to the mistreatment of senior citizens. First and foremost, some people shirk their duty of financially supporting their old and helpless parents due to their own interests. Furthermore, some elderly people are often ill-treated by their own children and cannot lead a normal life. Last but not least, while some young people enjoy a comfortable life, their parents are neglected and reduced to utter poverty.  It is imperative for us to take drastic measures. To begin with, relevant laws and regulations should be made to severely punish those who shun the responsibilities of caring their parents. In addition, we should cultivate the awareness of the young that respecting the old has always been the traditional virtue of Chinese culture. Only in this way can we curb the current evil phenomenon revealed in the picture. (198)  Yi文:  如图所示,四个孩子在打一场照顾他Men年迈父母的“足球赛”。每个人站在球场的一角。Da儿子踢出父亲,其他三个孩子守着球门。  Zhe幅图的目的是告诉我们应该重视虐待老年人问题。Shou先,有些人由于自己的利益逃避赡养他们年迈无助Fu母的责任。其次,有些老年人经常被他们自己的子Nv虐待,不能过正常生活。最后,当一些年轻人享受Shu适生活的同时,他们的父母被忽视,一贫如洗。  Wo们急需采取严厉措施。一方面,我们应该制定相关De法律法规严惩那些逃避养老责任的人。另一方面,Wo们应该培养人们的意识:尊老是中华文化的传统美De。只有这样我们才能制止图画中所显示的这种丑恶Xian象。  【英文作文】养老问题越来越突出  Wo国已于2000年进入老龄化社会,2010年,Cheng镇退休人员达到7000万人,2020年,将超Guo1亿人。到2030年,预计中国60岁以上老人Zhan人口比率将会达到24.46%,比世界平均水平Gao出约8.5个百分点。据报道2001年到2075Nian间,我国养老金收支缺口9.15万亿元,这个缺Kou将由谁来补。确实,养老问题越来越突出,在这问Ti上你有什么看法,根据图片写篇英文作文如何?你Ke以按下列构思来写。  构思  第1段:Miao述:左图:中国传统养老方式:沉重的负担压在成Nian的孩子身上。右图:一些老人在谈论他们生活依靠De方法。点题:指出一个紧迫的问题:即如何在经济Shang照料人数不断增长的老人。  第2段:老年Ren口增长提出严重的挑战。当务之急是要采取有效的Ying对措施:1)建立稳固的经济基础。2)创造出多Zhong赡养老人的模式,提供特殊的公共服务。  Di3段:要建立一个令人满意的体系并非易事,需要Zheng府、社会和家庭共同努力。政府:努力改善目前的She会保障、福利和社会服务体系。社会:营造尊重和Guan爱老人的氛围。家庭:承担更多的责任,用各项可Xing的方法照料年迈的父母。  范文  The left picture vividly illustrates a traditional Chinese way of rearing the  old, with the heavy burden being imposed on their adult children. In the second picture, some old people are talking about their means by which they live on. The  two pictures point out one of the pressing problems we are to cope with: how to financially support and care the growing number of old people.  The increase of the aging population has posed a serious challenge to our country. It is reported that many only-child families will have to support four old  parents in a decade time. Therefore, it is urgent for us to adopt some effective countermeasures. First and foremost, we must vigorously build a solid economic foundation. Only with the accumulation of social wealth, can we provide adequate  funds to take care of these old citizens. Besides, we should create the multiple  modes of caring for the elderly and provide special public service for them.  However, it is far from easy to establish a satisfactory system enough to support  an increasing number of old people. Therefore, joint efforts from  government,society and each individual family are strongly advocated. The government shouldendeavor to improve the present social security, welfare and social service systems.The society should foster an environment of respecting and loving the old. Equally  important, each family should bear more responsibility to implement various feasible  ways for their aged parents to live in contentment.  (242 words)  Yi文  左图生动地描绘了中国传统养老方式:Chen重的负担压在成年的孩子身上。在第二张图中,一Xie  老人在谈论他们生活依靠的方法。这两幅Hua指出了一个我们需要紧迫应对的问题,即如何在经Ji  上照料人数不断增长的老人。  老Nians://www.wenku1/list/关于消防叔叔的作文儿/口增长给我们的国家提出了严重的挑战。据报道,Zai今后10年的时间里许多独生子女家  庭将Bu得不赡养四位年迈的父母。因此,当务之急是我们Yao采取有效的应对措施。首先,我们必须  竭Li建立稳固的经济基础。只有当社会积累充分的财富,Wo们才能提供足够的资金来照顾老年公  民。Ci外,我们应该创造出多种赡养老人的模式,为他们Ti供特殊的公共服务。  但是,要建立一个令Ren满意的体系足以赡养人数不断增长的老人并非易事。Yin此,应该大力提  倡政府、社会和家庭共同Nu力。政府应该努力改善目前的社会保障、福利和社Hui服务体系。社会要  营造尊重和关爱老人的Fen围。同样重要的是,每个家庭应承担更多的责任,Yong各项可行的方法照料  年迈的父母,让他们Sheng活幸福美满。  You are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Caring for the Elderly.You should write at le ast 120 words following the outline given below:  1.Sui着中国人生活水平和医疗水平的提高,我们身边的Lao人越来越多。  2.作为他们的子孙后代,Wo们应该更多地为他们做些事情。  3.这么Zuo的意义。  Caring for the Elderly  With the development of Chinese living standard and medical care, more and more people around  us can live much longer than ever. As their younger generation, it’s our duty to take some  measures to make them live a healthy and happy life.  For example, we can try our best to visit them together with our own children frequently,  help them with their housework, and if we are free, we can chat with them. During the conversation, w e can find their trouble as well as some valuable suggestions. We should offer our seats to the  elderly when we take the bus. When we have something delicious to eat, let the elderly to eat first  and so on.  Only in this way can we help the elderly remove their loneliness. On the other hand, we can set  up a good example to let our children realize what they should do when we become old  enough. In a word, caring for the elderly is of great importance to all of us.

作文二:《居家养老服务用英语要如何来说 》1200字

  译国译民    专心翻译 Zuo到极致 “居家养老服务”用英语要如何来说 Mu前,我国已逐步进入老龄社会。随着老年人口的不Duan增多,4-2-1家庭结构使得传统的子女尽孝模Shi逐渐变得靠不住,到底在哪里养老已成为了一个最Po切的问题。居家养老服务应运而生。    Qing看相关报道:    China will prioritize more home-based care services for its growing aged population during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) period, said the civil affairs minister.      Min政部长表示,十二五期间,中国将重点发展居家养Lao服务,以应对日益严重的人口老龄化问题。    Home-based care services (Ju家养老服务),是指以家庭为核心、以社区为依托、Yi专业化服务为依靠,为居住在家的老年人提供以解Jue日常生活困难为主要内容的社会化服务,类似的还Youcommunity nursing service (She区养老)。Home-based 意为“以家庭Wei依托的”,类似的表达有home-based employment (Zai家工作),home-based business (Zhu家公司)等。    居家养老为empty-nest family (Kong巢家庭)的养老问题提供了一个有效的解决方案。Ci外,广州等地还在试行house-for-pension scheme (Yi房养老)、发放reverse mortgage (Dao按揭)为老年人养老的政策。“倒按揭”这种贷款Mo式的放贷对象是有住房的老年人,以其自有住房作Di押,银行定期向借款人放贷,到期以出售住房的收Ru或其他资产还贷,也就是所谓的“以房养老”。  

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