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作文一:《逃课英语 》6500字

  Skipping Classes逃Ke  Cast  Anita: Never understands why students like to skip classes  Kevin: Treats “skipping classes” as the principle of university life  Ken: Eager to skip classes but dares not to do it  Jason: Always commits himself not to skip classes  Steven: Always gives himself a good excuse for skipping class  Rita: A professional class skipper  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Scene I  (Anita, Kevin, Ken, Jason, Steven, and Rita are all Tunghai University students. They are good friends. One day, Ken and Jason meet on the way to the classroom.)  Ken: Why are you late? And, you just missed the last class. The teacher gave us the main topics for the mid-term examination.  Jason: Oh, shoot! I just missed it. Would you lend me your notes so I can make a copy?  Ken: Sure if you give me a good reason why you missed the class. You promised me that you would be in class on time today.  Jason: Believe me, I would like to keep my word. The problem is that I have  clock this morning. Then I fell asleep and woke up at ten o’clock this morning. Ken: You studied until three o’clock this morning? Why? What did you do yesterday afternoon? I know you were free from four o’clock on yesterday. Jason: Well, I met one of my very old friends on line and we just talked too long…  Ken: For God’s sake! Don’t you care about next week’s mid-term examination?  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Scene II  (Anita, Steven and Kevin are talking to one another in front of a classroom. And, Anita is trying to prevent Steven and Kevin from cutting the next class.) Anita: Hey, we’ll have the “Business Management” class in a few minutes. Where are you going? Don’t tell me that you are going to argue with Jason.  Steven: I will do anything for my good friend. Of course I am going to argue with the guy who gave my good friend a hard time.  Anita: You always like to get involved in someone else’s business. You’ll get yourself in trouble. Don’t you know it? ...  Kevin: Anita, don’t be upset with him. He will not listen to you. Just leave him alone. By the way, I am still waiting for your decision. Are you coming with me to the concert tomorrow?  Anita: Oh, I am sorry that I almost forgot it. What time tomorrow? Kevin: Two o’clock. I cannot wait to see my adorable superstar – Jolin. Oh, how wonderful!  Anita: wait a minute. We have Calculus class tomorrow afternoon. Are you out of your mind?  Kevin: Well, I’m not. Yet I think we can just copy the notes from someone else.  Anita: No, this is a very important class. And you would never understand it without listening to the lecture.  Kevin: To me it makes no difference. Even if I were in the class I would never understand what the teacher is talking about. Besides, who likes to look at the old baldhead?  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Scene III  (After Calculus class, Anita is on the way to the ST building. At the same time, Rita is walking to the ST building from the dorm. They meet in front of the laboratory.)  Rita: Here I am. Look, I did what I promised. I am a good girl, not skipping classes.  Anita: What are you talking about? This is the 5th class. You skipped the first four classes this morning. Yesterday you promised that you would not skip any class.  Rita: Did I? We don’t have any class in the morning but we’re packed in the afternoon on Wednesdays.  Anita: I beg your pardon? Today is Thursday and we have classes the whole day. Besides, didn’t you meet us this morning while we were going out to class? Rita: I thought you were going to the library.  Anita: You are loopy now because you’ve skipped too, too many classes. Rita: Why did you say so? I know that we will have the Computer Program test tomorrow.  Anita: You are incurable. The test was this morning!  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Scene IV  (Ken and Rita are talking to each other. They are talking about how to skip a class. ) Ken: I wonder why your Calculus professor never takes attendance. Yet, every time I skipped class, my professor always knew I was absent. I think I am really unlucky.  Rita: well, you’ll appreciate what I’m going to tell you now, my three very good suggestions.  Ken: What are they?  Rita: Now lend me your ears – First of all, whether you skip the class or not, you’ll never pass the course.  Ken: How do you know that I will not pass?  Rita: Calculus is extremely difficult. I don’t believe you can pass it. Ken: Maybe you are right. What else?  Rita: Before you skip the class you should treat everyone nicely. And after that, you should try to flatter your professor.  Ken: Why?  Rita: Well if you treat the classmates nicely, they will help you sign your name on the attendance sheet. And if you flatter your professor properly, you may ask the professor to pass you. Lastly – To skip the classes successfully you cannot skip too many classes or too few.  Ken: What do you mean? Not too many and not too few?  Rita: You need good weather for skipping classes so you can go out to fool around. And then you need good timing so you can go to the newly opened internet café that is on discount. Finally you need good relationships with the classmates so they can cover it up for you.  Ken: You are a genius.  Rita: I am just very professional.  Ken: I see now. I will try sometimes. Hah, Hah, Hah!!!  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Scene V  (Ken meets Kevin at the parking lot.)  Kevin: It’s time for the English class. Why are you here?  Ken: I don’t want to go to English class. I want to cut the class. Kevin: Why?  Ken: Because someone told me cutting classes can be fun.  Kevin: That’s right. I will show you how much fun it is to cut classes. Ken: Ok. Let’s go.  (Kevin and Ken cut the class and go out to have fun with girls. And both of them will fail the English class. Therefore next semester they will see Jean, their English teacher, again.)

作文二:《“逃课”英语怎么说? 》2300字

  “逃课”英语怎么说?  A:How did you do in the last quiz?  Ni最后一次小考怎么样?  B:I doubt if I can pass it.  Wo怀疑是否能及格。  A:Don't be so worried.You know Professor Robert is not too strict.  Bie那么担心。罗伯特教授不是那么严格。  B:But I often skip his classes,and he doesn't like me.  Dan是我经常逃他的课,而且他不喜欢我。  A:I hope you'll do better in the final.  Wo希望你期末考试能考好。  B:I must,If I want to pass the course.  Wo会的,如果我想考过这门的话。  给大家推Jian一个英语微信群Empty Your Cup  Ying语微信群是目前学习英语最有效的方法,群里都是Shuo英语,没有半个中文,而且规则非常严格,是一个Chao级不错的英语学习环境,群里有好多英语超好的超Niu逼的人,还有鬼佬和外国美眉。其实坦白说,如果Zi己一个人学习英语太孤独,太寂寞,没有办法坚持,Hao几次都会半途而废。只要你加入到那个群里以后,Zi己就会每天都能在群里坚持学,坚持不停地说和练,You于是付费群,群里的成员学习氛围非常强,每天的Xun练度都非常猛,本来很懒惰的你一下子就被感染了,Bu由自主地被带动起来参与操练,不好意思偷懒,别Ren的刻苦学习精神会不知不觉影响你,Empty Your CupYing语微信群(进群加维新 601332975)Ke以彻底治好你的拖延症,里面学员都非常友好,总Shi给你不断的帮助和鼓励,让你学英语的路上重新燃Qi了斗志,因为每天都在运用,你的英语口语就能得Dao了迅猛的提升,现在可以随便给一个话题,都能用Ying文滔  滔不绝的发表5分钟以上对这个话题De看法和观点,想提高英语口语的可以加入进来,It really works very well.  Jia入纯英语微信群的20大特别理由  1,加Qun可以每天拥有正能量  2,加群可以彻底攻Ke英语口语  3,加群可以不断结识高端人脉  4,Jia群可以每天不断突破自我  5,加群可以每Tian保持精神亢奋  6,s://www.wenku1/list/关于消防叔叔的作文儿/加群可以彻底改变你的Ming运  7,加群可以每天给自己大脑充值  8,Jia群可以让自己每天不断进步  9,加群可以Che底激发你的无限潜能  10,加群可以让你Chi续性的终身学习  11,加群可以让你随时Sui地的学英语  12,加群可以让你拥有无穷De个人魅力  13,加群可以让你战胜自卑,Tu破自我  14,加群可以借助群体的力量壮Da自己  15,加群可以让自己的核心竞争力Bu断增加  16,加群可以跟着群里的口语大Ka一起学习  17,加群可以让你脱胎换骨变Cheng有影响力的人  18,加群可以加入成功的Fen围,融入成功的环境  19,加群可以和群Li牛人交流分享学习经验心得  20,加群可Yi实现内部绝密资源共享,共同进步

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