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作文一:《年轻人玩网络游戏英语作文及翻译 》2100字

  Nowadays playing computer games is a very common hobbies, especially among young people and teenagers. However there are many arguements on whether computer games are advantageous to people or not.  Although many people doubt the advantages of computer games, if used wisely computer games can actually be used in educational purposes, for example typing games to allow students to learn typing English or Chinese. Also another advantage of computer game is that the games may be played together among friends or family members, which may improve the relationship between family members and allow parents to know more about their children on their hobbies and interests.  However computer games if misused can also have very bad effects on human beings. Firstly spending long time in front of the computer screen will bring to various health problems, such as eye sore, back pain and headache. Also if people spend too much time on computer games rather than the work they should do, for example school work for students and projects and presentations for employees, it may have bad effects on their real life and social life status.  It is true for everything that it is beneficial if used wisely, therefore although computer games are widely said to be bad for people, it can still be used as a good tool if used wisely.  Fan译  现在玩电脑游戏是一个很常见的爱好,Te别是在年轻人当中和青少年。但也存在许多arguementsDian脑游戏是否有利于,或者不信宗教者。  Jin管许多人质疑电脑游戏的优点,只要使用得当电脑You戏可以用于教育目的,例如打字游戏,让Xue生学习打字英语或华语。另一个利用电Nao游戏是游戏中可以一起玩的朋友或家庭成员,提Gao家庭成员之间的关系,让父母知道更多关于他Men的小孩在他们的爱好和兴趣。  然Er电脑游戏如果滥用也有非常不好的影响人类。Shou先花长时间在电脑萤幕前面会带来各种健Kang问题,诸如眼睛酸痛,背部疼痛、头痛。同样De,如果人花太多的时间在电脑游戏而不Shi工作,他们应该做什么,例如学校学生和Xiang目工作和演讲为员工,这可能影响他们的现实Sheng活和社会生活状态。  这是真的为Wo所做的一切,这是有益的如果使用得当,所以虽Ran电脑游戏广泛说不好的人,它还可以被用作一个工Ju当然好只要使用得当。

作文二:《初中英语作文带翻译范文大全 》5200字

  初中英语作文带翻译范文大全  Chu中英语作文:糟糕的一天My Sad Day  Today, when I went home after school, I saw the delicious snack, so I wanted to buy one of the snacks, then I could not find my wallet, I searched it many times, at last, I had to admit that my wallet was lost. I felt so worried, so I turned back to find my wallet, I watched the road carefully, suddenly, a black dog was in front of me, I felt so scared. The hog yelled at me, so I ran, the dog run after me, I run into the shop and got rid of the dog. I have to went home because of it was dark, my mother came out and told me I forget to bring my wallet, how stupid I am.  Fan译:  今天,当我放学回家后,Wo看到了美味的小吃,因此我想要买一些小吃,然Hou我找不到钱包,我搜索了很多遍,最后,我不得Bu承认我的钱包弄丢了。我很着急,所以Wo返回去找我的钱包,我一路仔细查找,突然,一条Hei狗在我前面,我很害怕。那条狗朝着我叫,Suo以我跑了,狗追赶我,我跑进了一家商店,摆脱了Na条狗。由于天色已暗,我不得不回家,我的妈妈Chu来,告诉我我忘记了拿钱包,我是多么的Yu蠢啊。  初中英语作文:我身边的噪音The Noises Around Me  I live in the school now, I will go home on the weekend, at first, I thought living in school could make me focus on my study, while the fact is not. At noon, when I take a snap, the noise from the building machine is so loud, our school is under construction now, so the workers work day and night. But I couldn’t sleep well, my head aches, without not good sleep, I can’t focus my mind to study. What’s more, some students are playing games in the corridor, they laugh so loudly that do not realize they are bothering us. I hope the school could let the workers stop working at noon for two hours, so that it will be good to students.  Fan译:  我现在在学校住,我会在周末Hui家,刚开始,我以为住在学校能让我集中精Li学习,然而事实并非如此。在中午,当我午睡的Shi候,建筑的机器发出很大的噪音,我们学校现在正Zai建造中,因此工人日以继夜地工作。但是我无法好Hao入睡,我的头很痛,没有好的睡眠,我就无法Ji中精力学习。而且,一些学生在走廊外玩游戏,Ta们笑得如此的大声,没有意识到打扰了我们。Wo希望学校能让工人在中午停工两个小时,这样Dui学生好。  初中英语作文:杜绝Lang费Never Wasting the Food  When I was small, I like to eat a lot of food, but I have a habit, I will not eat up all the food, I just like to taste all of it. When my mother saw this, she felt bad for me, she told me that all the food was the farmers’ hard work, I should not waste it. Thinking about this, I felt so shameful about my bad behavior, I decided to eat up the food. Wasting the food should be condemned, especially in the cities, people like to waste the food, they want to keep thin and only eat small portion. Now, the government advocates people clean the plate, this movement is welcomed by the public, more and more people have the idea not to waste the food.  Fan译:  在我小的时候,我喜欢吃很多东西,Dan是我有一个习惯,我不会把东西吃完,我喜欢浪Fei食物。当我的妈妈看到这些,她对我感觉不好,Ta告诉我所有的食物都是农民辛勤劳作的,我不Ying该浪费食物。想到这些,我对自己的坏习惯Gan到惭愧,我决定吃完所有的食物。浪费食Wu应该受到谴责,特别是在大城市,人们Xi欢浪费食物,他们想要保持苗条,只吃小Bu分。现在,政府提倡人们光盘,这个做法得Dao了大众的肯定,越来越多的人意识到不Lang费食物。  初中英语作文:北京三日YouA Three-day Tour to Beijing  Last month I went to Beijing to visit one of my friends, because we haven’t seen each other for about two years and I got a holiday meanwhile. It is my first time to visit Beijing, which is always the dream city for all the Chinese. All the information about the city came from the books and TV, now I could see and get know of it by myself, how excited I am!  There were so many tourist areas in my plan list, like Tian’anmen Square, Forbi dden City, the Great Wall, the Perking University and so on. However, due to my short holiday I only visit several places of my list, with my friend’s companion. I will take a long tour to Beijing next time if I have the chance.  Fan译:  上个月我去北京看望我的Yi个朋友,因为我们有将近两年没见,而我刚Hao有假期。这是我第一次游览北京,这座全中国Ren都向往的城市。我对北京的所以认知都来自Dian视和书本,而现在我有机会亲自来看这个城市、Lai了解她。我多么地兴奋!  在我的Lv游计划表上,我罗列许多要去的地方,如天An门广场,紫禁城,长城,北京大学等等。Ran而由于假期太短,朋友只陪我参观了计划表Shang的几个地方而已。如果有机会,我下次一定会Dao这来个长期旅游。  初中英语作文:Guan于电力的重要性的初中英语作文The Importance of Electricity  When you go to work in the morning and find that traffic lights don't work, the traffic jam will certainly happen. A patient needs to be operated on at once. What will happen if the operation cannot be made because of the electricity. Without electricity, we can neither watch TV, listen to the tape, nor chat on line. Electricity is closely related to our daily life.  How terrible it would be if there were no electricity!  Fan译:  当你早上去上班,发现交通Deng不工作,交通堵塞,肯定会发生的。一个病人Xu要立刻动手术。如果操作不能因为电力会发生什Me。没有电,我们不能看电视,听磁带,也不Neng在网上聊天。电在我们的日常生活密切相关的。  Ru果没有电将会多么可怕

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