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作文一:《英语作文关于汉语和英语的区别 》6100字

  关于汉语与英语之比较的个人看法  Chinese and English on the comparison of personal views  Read the greatest invention of mankind - Chinese, compared at the same time about other people from another point of view the advantage of English and Chinese.    I would also like to talk about my views:    1, there is a diversity of everything to make up for their deficiencies, while promoting common development and progress. What language can not dominate the world. The existence of biological diversity, language and culture is all about. We see the harmful effects of inbreeding it? Certainly do not rule out the possibility of a language-based, supplemented by the other. However, the advantages of Chinese can not be ignored.    2 Unfortunately, since I do not think there is natural language, or else I'm going to carefully study the language of other countries. With the integration process of the world, to define a language standard is essential, and that certain countries will be too hot speculation. However, we should see this one thing: we are currently used in the layout of the computer keyboard is not the most reasonable, there is a mathematical calculation, after the layout of the most reasonable, but did not spread to. The reason is that pre-emptive, so that people develop a habit of thinking, I would like to have nothing. Therefore, the Chinese people in urgent need of a comprehensive research report, so that really convinced people, at the same time vigorously publicize the advantages of Chinese, and consciously choose to learn Chinese.    3, has been, I have a question: Smart people do than the ancients? Some people say that some smart people over the ancients, because many of the invention is not aware of the ancients. It seems to me necessarily, not necessarily intelligent because you know how much knowledge, but how do you use, you deal with the methods and efficiency, as well as the ability to solve difficult problems. Moreover, we can learn how all this accumulated knowledge? Some of the ancients smart, that they can learn all the knowledge at that time, and can form their own ideas. However, different people, learning a lot of knowledge, but not a clue out of the rationale for the final but lost its self. Therefore, people should be a comprehensive thinker it is very difficult. We must study how to learn knowledge, what knowledge of science. The largest in their own ability to learn the premise that, at the same time find a way to maximize the learning of knowledge, can form their own way of thinking. I always feel that the process of human development, there may be missing a lot of important things, and these things are necessary for future development, when we have to spend a lot of efforts to restore these things.    4, the same time, we have to admit that the focus of every era is different. After World War II, everyone is concerned about the industrialization. The main concern today is the computer information technology. Perhaps because this point of view of the language would also prefer the advantages of computer applications. But the most basic things have not changed, and that is knowledge. People like to use the word science and technology, in fact, should be interpreted as using existing knowledge to solve the problem can be the most effective way. Because the technology has the time, but it certainly does not mean that the latest knowledge. Modern soldiers are not still under study, "The Art of War" it?    When we recognized the advantages of a language, there are bound to this type of language is based on new ideas all over the world when popular movements. This does not rule out some kind of language is modified.    Alas! I just wish to raise their own problems and ideas, may not represent a point of view, as long as I like the idea, and it has been maintained.    I finally understand the sentence: I think, therefore I am!  Kan过人类最伟大的发明--汉语,同时比较了一下Qi它人从另外一种角度来看英语和汉语的You势。    我也在此谈一谈我的看法:    1、Fan事都存在一个多样性,以弥补彼此的不足,Tong时能促进共同的发展进步。不可能哪种语言一统天Xia的。生物存在多样性,语言文化亦如此。大家不Jian近亲结婚的害处吗?当然不排除以某种Yu言为主,其它的为辅了。但汉语的优势是不容忽视De。    2、可惜我自认为没有语言天赋,Fou则我就要好好研究一下各国语言了。随着Dang前世界一体化的进程,确定一种语言标Zhun是势在必行的,一定会被各国炒得火热。但我们Ying当看到这样一件事:我们目前所用的计算机键盘De布局并不是最合理的,有一种经过数学计算Zui合理的布局,但没有流传开来。原因在于先Xia手为强,让人们养成了一种习惯思维,想改Du改不了。所以,汉语急需有人提出一个Quan面的研究报告,让别人确实信服,同时大Li宣传汉语的优势,而自觉选择学习汉语。    3、Yi直以来,我都有一个疑问:现代人一定Bi古人聪明吗?有人说现代人一定聪明过古人,因为Xian在的很多发明是古人所不知道的。依我Kan不一定,聪明不一定是因为你知道多少Zhi识,而在于你如何运用,你处理问题的方法和效Lv,以及解决疑难问题的能力。而且,我Men又如何能学会这日积月累的所有知识呢?You些古人聪明,在于他们能学会当时的全Bu知识,并能形成自己的思想。但现代人Bu同,学了很多知识,但却理不出一个头绪Chu来,最后反而失去了自我。所以,现代人要出一个Quan面的思想家是很难的。我们必须要研究如何Qu学知识,学什么知识。在人自身最大的学习能力前Ti下,找到一种同时最大限度的学习知识,又能Xing成自己的思想方法。我总觉得,人类在Fa展的过程中,可能遗漏了很多重要的东西,Er这些东西又是以后发展所必需的,到时我们又要花Hen大的精力来还原这些东西。    4、同Shi,我们不得不承认,每个时代关注的重点都是不同De。二战后,大家关注的是工业化。现代人关注的主Yao是计算机信息化。可能因为这一点,大家对各Yu言的优势看法也会偏向计算机的应用。但是最Ji本的东西没有变,那就是知识。现代人喜欢用科Ji这个词,其实应该解释为用现有的知识所能解决问Ti的最有效方法。因为科技具有时间性,但Ta不代表就一定是最新的知识。现代的军人不Shi还在研究《孙子兵法》吗?    当我Men公认某种语言的优势时,必然也是以该种语Yan为基础的新思想运动流行全世界的时候。Zhe也不排除是改良的某种语言。    Ai!我只是提出自己的问题和想法而已,Bing不代表某种观点,只要我有这个想法就好了,Bing且一直保持下去。    我终于Ming白一句话:我思,故我在!

作文二:《汉语作文:我对英语的看法 》1300字

  Nowday ,some students don’t like learning English because learning English is hardwork.I think it’s necessary for us to learn English in our daily life.We should have good ways of learning English and spend much moren time on it. Here is my some advice. First ,we should read English as much as possible and talk with your parents and friend.Don’t be afraid of make mistakes when you talk with other people .Because everybody makes mistakes .What is more,we should write as much as possible.We spend much time doing practis.We also try to listen to English more.We may listen to English music,some tapes. Last ,but not least .It’s important for us to listen to teacher and take notes carefully in class.We should do our homework carefully.We also should believe ourselves.I believe if we work hard,we are sure to learn it well. Nowday,You些学生不喜欢学习英语因为学习英语是勤奋.我Ren为我们有必要学英语在我们的日常生活中.我们应Gai学习英语的好方法,moren花太多时间Zai这上面. 这是我的一些建议. 首先,我们Ying该尽可能地多读英语,跟你的父母和朋You.不要害怕犯错误,当你与他人交谈.Yin为每个人都会犯错.更重要的是,我们应该尽Ke能地写.我们花太多时间在practis.Wo们还试图听英语.我们可以听英语的音Le,一些录音带. 最后,但并非最不重要的.重要De是我们听老师在课堂上认真和做笔记.我们应Gai仔细地做作业.我们也要相信自己.我Xiang信如果我们努力工作,我们一定要学好它.

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